lukenda_portraitDr. Lou Lukenda attended LSSU from 1948-1950 before completing the academic requirements for a doctor of dental surgery degree from the University of Toronto. His fondness for LSSU has remained strong through the years. He was the recipient of LSSU’s Outstanding Alumnus Award in 1983, and he served on the LSSU Foundation’s board of directors from 1987-2005. He received an honorary doctorate degree from the University in 2007. In May 2001, when Lukenda Alumni House was established at LSSU, Lukenda remarked, “My central interests in life over the years…have been in education and health.” It is in this spirit that the Lukenda’s established this scholarship. Successful candidates must be a graduate of an Ontario, Canada high school with 26 LSSU credits and minimum 3.0 GPA. Preference is given to students who are majoring in nursing, pre-medical, pre-dentistry, or elementary-secondary education programs.