“Receiving scholarships has helped me in many ways throughout my academic career. Without them, I would not have been able to attend university at all. Besides scholarships, I receive no other sort of financial aid, and the loan amounts I can borrow do not cover tuition. By receiving this extra help, I’ve been able to maintain a high GPA, graduate on time, volunteer in the community, and advocate on Student Government as a representative. It has helped make my experience at Lake Superior State University a memorable one.”

Chelsea RossBusiness Administration – Management

“Coming from a family of nine kids, school would have never been possible, let alone graduate school. My parents never really had money and they never would have been able to set up a college fund for any of my brothers and sisters.  The money just wouldn’t have been there, since college is super expensive. The only reason why I have been able to attend college is due to the scholarships that I have received from the Foundation.  These scholarships have allowed me to fulfill my dreams of becoming a clinical researcher and I am truly thankful for the opportunity!”

Heather GreggBiology – Biochemistry

“Scholarships were my deciding factor when I chose to attend Lake Superior State University, without them I would have gone somewhere else.  However, I found that the Lukenda School of Business is AMAZING, there is so much camaraderie between the students.  Considine Hall is beautiful.  All the faculty care and are passionate that we apply the theories we learn with projects.  Many times the projects have to do with our interests or campus and it gives us experience working through challenges we will find in later in our work.  During my junior and senior year, I was even able to apply for and receive more scholarships as a business student.  I am forever grateful for the donors.  Thank you.”

Anna FinleyInternational Business and Management – Human Resource Management

“The scholarship funds have permitted high quality students to complete their education, reduce financial stress, and ultimately enter the local workforce to provide outstanding nursing care to our community.”

Ronald Hutchins, PhD Dean, Division of Health and Safety

“It is truly an honor for me to receive this scholarship. I am the first child in my family to go away to college. My benefactor’s generosity is helping me reach my goal and pursue my dream of a college education.”

Kaitlyn VerbeekNursing